Any member of the WashU community may submit a request for a named feature to be reviewed by the NRB. This request should be in the form of a written report submitted via the online submission form (Ready to Submit?) below. The preferred length for such a report is no more than 2,000 words (not including additional supporting documents). Once an individual or organization has submitted a report, that individual or organization will receive written notification via email of the outcome at each step of the process.

Please note that completed reports with submitter name(s) will be made available on this site during the period of community input.


Step 1

Requirements for a Complete Report

  1. Identify the “named feature” in question (space, scholarship, professorship, lectureship, or other named funds).
  2. Identify the location/school/department associated with named feature.
  3. Provide a robust description of the person or organization’s specific behavior or conduct perceived to be in violation of a core mission of Washington University as articulated in the CRC foundational principles.
  4. Upload print, digital and/or multimedia evidence to support the report.
  5. Name of reporting individual. If the report is made on behalf of a group or organization, please identify one named individual representative to act on behalf of the group or organization.
  6. Email address for reporting individual.
  7. Phone number for reporting individual.
  8. Relationship of reporting individual to Washington University.

Step 2

Requirements for Formal Review

  1. A significant aspect of the legacy of the named individual or entity is directly associated with slavery, genocide, or discrimination based on characteristics such as race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, or age.
  2. The association of the named individual or entity’s significant legacy has caused or is likely to cause measurable harm in the university community that can only be remediated by the removal of the name or some other form of contextualization.
  3. Verifiable research supports that the individual or entity named has been directly associated with criminal activity or other destructive behavior with broad societal impact. A report regarding the same individual or entity filed through this process less than five years before the submission date of the new report will not move forward unless it is supported by significant, validated new evidence.

The NRB will consider whether the report provides sufficient information to conclusively demonstrate one or more of the requirements for formal review.

If the NRB determines that the report satisfies one or more of the requirements for formal review by significant, validated evidence, the report should move forward to Step 3.

If the NRB determines that the report did not satisfy the requirements for formal review, it may ask the Board Secretary to request additional information from the reporting party.

If the NRB determines that additional information would not likely change the committee decision, the Board Secretary will inform the individual or organization who submitted the report that no action will be taken on the report.

Determinations on Step 2 are final and are not eligible for appeal.

Ready to Submit a Report?

After you have thoroughly reviewed report requirements and gathered your supporting documentation, you may submit a report for consideration to the NRB.